Let's Walk You Through Our Process


You’ve unfortunately damaged to your car

If you’ve got insurance, your insurance company will recommend you to us if you do not have insurance, you can get into contact with us directly.  Note: Remember that you can take your car to the repairer of your choice.


Get into contact with us & we’ll book you in

Whether you’re getting vehicle repairs done through your insurance company or privately, you must contact us in order for us to book your car in for an initial assessment. 


We assess the damage to your car

When you come in for your initial consultation, we’ll get you to fill out a form in relation to the accident or damage and have a conversation with you about the collision. We’ll take pictures of the damage for our records and will then assess the damage. This usually takes about ten minutes (depending on the damage), so no need to drop your car off to us for the entire day. 


We take care of the rest

Once the initial assessment is complete, you can take your car away and we’ll take care of the rest. We deal with your insurance company directly, order in the parts (we are still seeing major international delays on car parts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, deliveries can take a few days to 12 weeks to arrive depending on the part) and complete what needs to be done i.e. repairs, painting etc. Rest assured, we will keep you up to date with how your car is progressing. 


You drive on

Once we’ve completed the work needed for your car and we are satisfied with the repairs, you can come and pick your car up and pay your excess (if any). Job done!